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Stefan Botnar, doctor specialized in medical care of international patients

I  completely understand  what it's like to feel unwell away from home. As a registered doctor I have realized that good medical care must be personalized, professional and adapted to the real needs of each patient.


Emergency Doctor

Due to my experience in primary and hospital care, I offer a cordial General and Emergency Medicine in Barcelona service with preferential diagnosis through a home visit, online or from my private practice.

Personalized medical care in Barcelona

The most important thing for me is that patients feel good every time they visit us to help and listen to them in the language in which they best express themselves.

Doctors in Barcelona

Vocation and dedication to General and Emergency Medicine to offer you the best service when you need a doctor, a blood test or an emergency referral to the specialist you require (Pediatrician, Dermatologist, Gynecologist, Gastroenterologist, Traumatologist, Urologist, Opfthalmologist, Psychiatrist, etc.).

Global coverage: Bring your travel insurance, or you can also pay and receive the necessary documents to claim the refund.

Free follow up of your health condition through telephone or online until your health issues are resolved.

Private Doctor

We are at your disposal to take care of your health and well-being during your stay in Barcelona.

English speaking doctor in Barcelona

We speak English, Spanish, Catala, Russian, Romanian and German.

Rapid, confident diagnosis anywhere to deliver the best patient care









Mental health

Ancla 2 (Certificados Médicos)


certificado enfermedad laboral.jpg

Fit/Unfit to work

Occupational disease certificate. Through a simple questionnaire. No need for an appointment. Same day delivery.

Visa Medical Certificate of Good Health

Medical certificates for visas to travel or work in another country, or visas requested by embassies.

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Injury & accident confirmation

Realization of part of injuries. No need to make an appointment to get it. Same day delivery.

general practitioner barcelona.jpg

GP referral letter

Personalized attention and referral to the specialist you require. No need for an appointment.

emergency doctor barcelona.jpg

Disability Access

Medical reports to request a disability or permanent disability.

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Travel with medication

Documents on necessary medication to take on the trip. No need for an appointment. Same day delivery.

 Doctor in Barcelona

Global coverage

Online medical consultations 24/7. Home and presential medical  consultations by appointment. On weekends and holidays we also attend by appointment. We are specialized in the care of international patients. Bring your travel insurance, or you can also pay and receive the necessary documents to request reimbursement.

We speak your language

We speak Spanish, English, Russian, Romanian and German.We  completely understand  what it's like to feel unwell away from home. In our private practice you will benefit an effective medical care with a close care  in a pleasant space and professional care to listen to you with confidence and resolve your health issues.

Professionalism and experience

Registered physician (51478, COLEGIO OFICIAL DE MÉDICOS DE BARCELONA) with experience in primary and hospital care. Dr. Stefan Botnar has experience in other countries, and is highly trained in the care of:

General Medicine

Health Check-up


Prevention and Wellness

Home Visits

Medical Certificates




The private practice of Dr. Stefan Botnar is located in Barcelona with the purpose of offering you maximum comfort and the best well-being in each visit.

Ancla 3 (Contacto)
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